TUF Software S.A.

We are part of the TUF Group. We originated from the transformation of IT / Development department, which has been creating innovative software for several years, for companies from our Group as well as for external clients. Along with the development of new services, we created a separate brand. The experience of previous implementations has enabled us to build a harmonious team and specialize in the development of business tools supporting enterprises in improving their sales processes and marketing communication. Our offer includes proprietary applications such as Track & Lead, Marketing Master Software or ChatBoost.

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Lead trackingand monitoring




An application that monitors activitiesat every stage of the sales funnel

Track & Lead measures the effectiveness of customer touchpoints, identifies the marketing source of the lead acquisition and improves sales service of each lead.

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Marketing analytic systemusing call tracking technology

Our system allows precise measurement of phone touchpoint  and indicates  the source of acquiring a new customer (Lead) in online channels (including Facebook, Google Ads, mail, SEO, direct) and offline (press, radio, TV, billboards, leaflets, etc.).

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Computer programacting as a virtual assistant

Chatbot is a program implemented and running on a communicator, e.g. Facebook Messeneger, with which the User can communicate and obtain information about e.g. products or services. The task of the chatbot is to automate repetitive events and processes on a large scale.

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