Chatboost is our chatbot creation service dedicated to medium and large enterprises. In short, a chatbot is a computer program that acts as a virtual assistant, implemented and running on a communicator, e.g. Facebook Messeneger, Slack, WhatsApp, with which the User can communicate and obtain information about e.g. products or services. The job of the chatbot is to automate repetitive events and processes on a large scale.

ChatBoost can be integrated with our Track & Lead service and provide it with information about new leads, i.e. users interested in purchasing a product or service.


a virtual assistant who will answer the most frequently asked questions

24/7 sales and customer service support

automation of internal business processes, e.g. contacts with the HR department

a tool for conducting surveys with customers or employees

ability to integrate the chatbot with other systems, e.g. CRM, e-shop, warehouse system

Fixed and dynamic scenarios

allow to create virtual assistants for simple and very complex projects

Various messengers

adapting the implementation to the messenger used by the client. From the most popular ones: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack to dedicated messengers created on request

Multi chatbots

are chatbots that handle multiple processes for several brands at the same time

QR codes and images recognition

thanks to proprietary solutions, we can implement a mechanism for recognizing QR codes, images and other customer codes in the chatbot

Implementation models

We implement chatbots in the public cloud or, at the client's request, on their server infrastructure (on-premises)


available integration with client’s systems (CRM, e-shop, warehouse system, etc.) as well as with our Track&Lead service


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