Call Tracking

Marketing Master Software is an analytic system that combines marketing data with telecommunications data, using call tracking technology. It allows to set up and effectively measure phone calls touchpoint and attribute the source of acquiring a new lead to specific online or offline channels.

This system works well in industries where a telephone call is still an important way of contacting the customer with the brand. This is what happens i.a. in the medical, HoReCa, real estate, automotive, financial and insurance industries, as well as in e-commerce.

Marketing Master Software can be integrated with the Track & Lead service and immediately supply it with phone records from potential and existing contacts.


additional place to measure conversion from online and offline ads - phone calls

the possibility of measuring offline advertisements like the press, radio, TV, leaflets thanks to dedicated virtual phone numbers

new customer service quality control tool

the ability to record telephone calls

access to online and email analysis and reports, as well as SMS notifications

Conversion measurement from ads to phone

allows to assess the effectiveness of online ads targeting www (including Google Ads, Facebook, SEO, mailing, referral, direct) and offline advertising (including TV, radio, press, leaflets) thanks to the automatic replacement of numbers on the website and assigning dedicated phone numbers to offline advertising

Integration with Google Ads and Google Analytics

allows to indicate keywords converting to a phone calls (Google Ads) and reporting events such as calls to Google Analytics

Inbound call center

the part of the call tracking system is the VoIP service, which allows to handle incoming and outgoing calls, launch a welcome announcement, account users for received and made calls as well as record calls

SMS and email reports

online reports configured by the user as well as reports and system notifications sent by SMS or email

Access levels

dedicated access levels for the Administrator (configures the service), User (works online on the system) and also for the Agency Manager (manages sub-accounts)


available  integration with various CRM system (e.g. sending an event such as a phone call) as well as with the Track&Lead service

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